Most M&A firms do not give much thought to which Content Management System (CMS) their firm’s website is built on. Heck, most firms are still debating if having a quality website can impact business (hint – it can).

While there are many website platforms to choose from, we are gravitating towards WordPress more and more. So, why do we choose WordPress to build our M&A clients websites?

#1 Most M&A firms’ needs are fairly basic

Are there more comprehensive platforms on the market? Sure. Do most M&A firms need them? Nope.

M&A firms are most commonly trying to address the following issues when moving to a new CMS:

  • Mobile compliance
  • SEO improvement
  • Ease of use

WordPress meets these needs and does so in a free, open source platform. This allows M&A firms to spend less money on the hard cost of building and hosting a new site while ensuring they get everything that they need.

#2 Build just about anything

Most M&A firms are service companies at their core, however many sell other services or require other functions that deviate from the basic scope of a common M&A website. Some M&A firms need additional features like:

  • Private back end login
  • Ecommerce for selling workshops or books
  • Downloadable report archives
  • Custom tombstone functionality

WordPress can handle all of these feature build outs with off the shelf tech, requiring no significant additional costs or third parties.

#3 WordPress is SEO friendly

According to Google, WordPress is about 99% SEO friendly. Additionally there is a huge secondary marketplace providing SEO tools that easily integrate in to WordPress sites. Features like fast loading times, easy site map generation, social media integration and built in mobile compliance ensure that WordPress based sites meet a quality minimum SEO standard on day one.

#4 WordPress is secure enough for M&A

There are certainly more robust CMS options on the market, but most M&A firms do not have a need to justify this added expense. Most M&A firms website are information and generally do not require the storage of sensitive client or financial date. As such, the security capabilities of a WordPress site are more than sufficient for nearly all M&A firms.

#5 Ease of use

Lets face it; many M&A firms do not have significant in-house tech capacity. Because of this, ease of use is paramount. WordPress websites are easy to modify and offer some of the lowest cost to maintain professionally. Little training is required to be proficient and there are significant free online resources to help users navigate any challenges they may come across.

While we are happy to build websites on a number of different platforms based on client need, we find that WordPress meets the needs of nearly 95% of our client base. If you are considering building a new website or need help navigating the sea of CMS options, feel free to contact us – we are happy to help

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