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We are the only domestic digital marketing team that exclusively serves the M&A and Private Equity industry. After 5 years of serving the industry as a division of CAPTARGET, an M&A research and Private Equity deal origination firm, we know the deal space well. We understand that the deal space is like no other and have developed service options that we feel directly reflect the needs of firms like yours.

Ten years ago your firm could thrive based on referrals alone. Since then, much has changed. Now M&A and Private Equity firms must proactively manage their online presence to ensure clients, targets and partners view them in the right light. We can help your firm appear as professional and accomplished online as you do in person through SEO, Pay Per Click Marketing, Content Creation/Content Marketing,  Social Media Management, and Website development services.

Our services are cost competitive and deliverable based and our engagements are short term. This allows our clients to often pay less than the cost of working with an industry agnostic firm while benefiting from our in-depth industry specific expertise.

What We Do

PPC Management

For M&A and Private Equity firms focused on direct lead generation, Pay Per Click marketing offers a direct path to generating new traffic almost immediately. Years of PPC campaign management in M&A allow us to reduce budget spend and increase results for firms of all sizes and budgets. Don’t believe the large industry agnostic firms, most M&A and PE firms can generate significant results on budgets as low as $500 month.


Retargeting offers a laser focused approach to generating lead flow based on prospects previous behavior or demographic profiles.  Retargeting can provide a cost-effective way to ensure your firm is presented to prospects at the exact time they are looking for a firm like yours.  Our team can display adds to your existing prospect database or identify new prospects to target on a number of platforms including LinkedIn, Facebook and more.

Search Engine Optimization

We ensure your M&A or Private Equity firm is found in search results through the development of industry specific SEO and content creation. Unlike industry agnostic SEO providers, we understand the language and search habits of middle market business owners and can quickly generate results for your firm. Additionally, we provide real-time reporting and dashboard access to prove our value to your firm daily.

Website Development

One of the best ways to differentiate your firm is by having a high-quality website. Our team has proven its ability to execute for M&A and Private Equity firms big and small, often for much less cost than that of a generalist development firm. With monthly payment plans starting at $299 your firm can now afford a modern professional website that truly reflects your capabilities and professionalism.

Content & Email Marketing

Sending blind emails to prospective buyers or sellers isn’t always enough. Prospects have an appetite for value added content and are more likely to engage with firms that give more than they ask.  Our team of M&A and PE focused writers can help develop content for use in outbound email marketing campaigns and can manage the campaigns soup to nuts on a short or long-term basis.

Social Media Management

Social media has become an important engagement point for M&A firms and Private Equity groups alike. Running social media accounts for deal professionals requires an understanding of your firm and the deal space as a whole. We can set up, maintain and grow your social media accounts to improve your online presence on platforms like Twitter and LinkedIn.

  • Merger Labs has played a key role in modernizing our firm. I have seen gains in search ranking, site traffic and engagement all while saving over the cost of my old, industry agnostic digital marketing provider. The team is professional and very knowledgable about marketing in the deal space.

    Omar Alhariri
    Omar Alhariri Global Business Brokerage
  • Merger Labs quickly improved our firm's online presence in New England by improving our ranking across the board. Having industry experts support our digital marketing effort is a must!

    Justin Grolley
    Justin Grolley The Nery Corporation

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