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Pay Per Click & Retargeting

Sometimes competitive keyword ranking is not enough to ensure you have enough inbound lead flow. Most industry agnostic PPC providers expect their clients to simply throw money at ads in an attempt to generate traffic. We take a different approach. We understand that the nature of the deal space creates an environment where budgets are sensitive and results are paramount. Our PPC engagements are designed to increase the accountability of our team while minimizing your cost.

Most M&A and Private Equity firms do not need huge ad spend budgets to generate measurable results – after all, finding your next client or portfolio company is about value, not volume. We help our clients with all types of pay per click marketing including banner and image ads and retargeting/remarketing campaigns. Tell us how many leads you expect and we can help you set a realistic budget and can manage the entire process for you.

Paid Marketing Options

Google Adwords

Turn your website or landing page into a lead generation tool with targeted traffic and lead generation Google Adwords. We have no minimum ad spend requirements, nor large setup fees or long-term contracts. Instead, we charge a simple low monthly fee with short term engagement terms to allow for maximum flexibility. Quality Google Adwords campaigns can be a great way to show up as a top search result regardless of your organic ranking, giving you the power to increase or decrease lead flow as budget requires.

LinkedIn Retargeting

Only 2% of initial visitors to your website will contact you – retargeting helps re-engage the 98%. By tracking who visits your site we can place ads on professional networks/platforms like LinkedIn to maximize brand recognition and engagement. Additionally, we can place ads and calls to action within specific demographic groups (like middle market business owners of a certain area or industry) to ensure that dollars spent are as targeted as possible.

Custom Landing Pages

Single Landing Page

Paid marketing campaigns work best when you can direct traffic to a modern, call to action focused website. If your website is primarily informational or a little out of date a custom landing page can significantly increase your click through rates. We build each landing page to order and help you develop a quality conversion strategy and create all the content needed to convert your next prospect into a client.

Multiple Landing Pages

Running multiple landing pages can be an effective way to target multiple industries or geographies simultaneously without having to compromise with a single landing page or designing your website to be all things to all prospects. Adopting a multiple landing page strategy reduces the cost of each page while ensuring that you can specifically address the needs of each prospect type all for much less than the cost of a website redesign.

Not sure where to start? We offer consulting and marketing plan development!

Frequently Asked Questions

How quickly can I expect to see results in search?

There is no perfect answer to this question.  Much of our ability to improve your firms search ranking depends on the state of your website when we start working together.  Websites built on modern CMS that have a good content foundation can see measurable results in 90 days while older sites may take much longer. Since we provide reporting through our client dashboard you have total visibility as to how each of your search terms ranks and can track our progress in real time.

Which is best – PPC or SEO?

We like to think of SEO as a branding iniatitive and PPC as more of a marketing initiative.  SEO ensures you are perceived as a key player in your space online while PPC simply drivers traffic to your website or landing page.

How long are our contracts?

Most of our services involve a 90 day commitment basis.  We like to keep our engagement flexible so you won’t find any annualized contracts here!

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